The future of Strassbergers

Despite being the oldest shoe factory in South Africa, Strassbergers is keeping it modern. There are more than 40 styles of shoe to choose from, catering for work and play. From tough and rugged work, hiking and hunting boots to casual loafers and sandals, there's something for everyone on the Strassbergers shelves. In 2014 the factory was also awarded licenses to produce official rugby supporters shoes for Blue Bulls and Cheetahs fans, and the company has the sole mandate to produce official Springbok supporters shoes ahead of the 2015 world cup.

While keeping firm to the traditional designs that have made Strassbergers one of the best leather shoes in the country, the factory has also expanded its fashion ranges. These include shoes for men, ladies and children. So, now even the most discerning dresser will be able to find a shoe to compliment any outfit.

It was the ruggedness of Strassbergers shoes that made them a household name in South Africa and now, incorporating modern technologies and materials, Strassbergers is producing shoes that are even tougher than before. So if you're looking for a hard working shoe to keep your feet safe and comfortable while working in the fields, on a hike or on a hunting trip, look no further. Strassbergers shoes can also be re-soled, so you don't have to buy a new pair of shoes every time your sole wears out.

There's no question about it - if you're looking for a great shoe that will last you a lifetime, pop in at Strassbergers or one of our stockists and find the pair for you.


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